The Seven Day Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe and Review


The Cabbage Soup Diet was formulated in the 80’s, yet for some it is still popular today. Usually if any of us sticks religiously to any diet which contains very few calories, we shall lose weight. But our bodies are not as simple as this. On a radical low calorie diet like this – is it fat we shall be losing or is it muscle mass? How shall we feel trying to cope with work and daily life on so little calories? So let us review this diet, and find out all the pros and cons.

This diet gained popularity. mainly with word of mouth, when people would tell each other the huge amount of weight lost in such a short period of time. Not only is this very unhealthy but with such a quick weight loss serious side effects can occur. There have been many copy cat diets after this diet was made. If you have a wedding or a big occasion coming up in about ten days, maybe this diet would suit you as you will lose the weight for the event, but to carry on after the ten days is frankly dangerous. Unverified accounts of this diet states that for those about to have heart surgery and a quick weight loss is required, the cabbage soup diet has been recommended.

A positive fact about the diet is that you definitely will lose the weight if you stick exactly to the plan of only eating this soup every day. Also you may eat as much of the soup if you want, so if you are hungry, you may have more soup – so you never have to feel deprived of food inside you. If you are hungry eat more soup otherwise you will break the diet turning to other foods. Obviously the main ingredient of the soup is cabbage. To make the soup palatable a high dosage of salt is used, which is not good for high blood pressure patients.

The following foods are allowed to be added to the cabbage to make the soup:

– 5 green spring onions

– 8 pieces of celery chopped

– 4 carrots (no more)

– a handful of chopped mushrooms

– 2 cubes of beef or chicken bouillon

– 1 tin of whole or chopped tomatoes

Put all of the above in a big cooking pot and bring to the boil adding herbs, seasonings, salt and pepper

On various days one can add either bananas and skimmed milk, or fruit for one day, and meat on another day.

As with most fad diets, this diet is completely lacking in nutrition, it has a dangerously low calorific count and you won’t even have the energy to do any exercise! The weight will immediately return the moment you stop this diet.

Lose all your weight safely!

Source by Debbie O Turner

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