Simple Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes Relaxed and Easy


Thanksgiving dinner recipes along with holiday meal preparation should be a time of relaxed enjoyment, and it certainly can be when you approach it from the right angle.

With a few simple adjustments, this year’s feast can be the best ever.

There are some simple tasks you can do to reduce the stress that often comes when planning to cook for a special occasion.

To avoid stress in your kitchen, organize your Thanksgiving dinner recipes in advance. I usually go through my favorite Thanksgiving recipes at least two weeks beforehand, and sort out exactly which Thanksgiving recipe to use this year. I then bookmark this Thanksgiving recipe for easy reference. This curtails any last minute “what am I going to serve” anxieties.

Save Time and Money With Your Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Returning to the assortment of selected recipes, try to imagine what all the foods will taste like when served together. At this point, adding or deleting recipes will bring a nice balance to your overall menu planning. Too many recipes with the same basic flavors should be avoided. As you have a moment, while eating breakfast, or relaxing just after dinner review your recipes and prune the list to just what you really want to fix. Keep it simple!

Now, with your finished list in hand, take inventory of what you already have in your pantry. Ingredients such as broth and any special seasonings the recipes require. Look for money saving coupons for any items that will go on your shopping list.

Save money by making your grocery list early, and revise it before you actually go shopping, including any coupons that you can use.

Now, grab your grocery list, grab your coupons and head to the grocery store. Shop early to avoid the long checkout lines that the holidays sometimes bring on, and to find just what you need before the shelves are picked over.

Arming yourself with a precise shopping list will save you money by avoiding placing any unnecessary items in your shopping cart. Those little items can really add up, and are they really necessary?

Organizing Your Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Several days before the meal, begin to prep your fresh produce. Most vegetables can be peeled, sliced or diced well in advance. Do a little each day for the entire week before your meal.

One idea that always works out great for me is to bake the potatoes for the mashed potatoes several days before. Let them cool overnight and then peel and mash them per my recipe.

I store them in the refrigerator in the casserole dish I will be serving them in, and just reheat them in the oven as I roast the turkey.

Source by Betty Ziegler

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