Ideas For What to Serve on Easter


Not sure what to serve on Easter? Need some new Easter dinner ideas and Easter dinner recipes? Don’t worry, entertaining for Easter doesn’t really have to be that difficult or complex. Providing you come up with a few games to entertain and add in a couple traditional Easter dinner essentials you can’t really go wrong.

Easter dinner recipes really don’t have to be that extravagant. The best Easter dinner ideas can normally be just based around a typical roast with a few tasty sides. Plus this makes serving easy. Put it on the table family style and let everyone plate for themselves. So what to serve on Easter as your main course? Baked ham or lamb are the heart of most Easter dinner recipes. Making your own honey baked ham is simple and a dish it is hard to go wrong with even if your are a complete novice in the kitchen. Lamb makes a nice change and offers a variety of new flavors to be tried out and is sure to be a hit. Roast leg of lamb is easy to throw in the oven and let it do it’s thing, giving you plenty of time to make sure your guests are entertained. Though is you want to get a little more creative you can play with lamb chops and racks of lamb for more decorative Easter dinner ideas and stunning plate presentations.

While you are waiting for your Easter dinner recipes to work their magic don’t be shy about creating a few entertaining games for the adults to indulge in. This can be a lot of fun especially with a few delicious cocktails. What drinks to serve on Easter? Anything sweet and colorful fits the bill, especially layered cocktails or those calling for flavored or chocolate liqueurs. No one is too old for an egg and spoon race. If you have teens who are acting like they are bored out of their minds then supply them with some paintball masks and let them duel it out with an egg fight outdoors, the shells actually make good fertilizer.

Not inspired by the Easter dinner ideas you have found so far or just not sure you want to have to do the whole formal dinner thing? Then why not offer to do an Easter brunch instead. This will give you more room to experiment if you wish while letting you prepare ahead of time and be able to relax and eat with your guests instead of hopping in and out of the kitchen. Think about egg mimosas, cold cuts, smoked salmon and ham quiches.

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