How To Make The Best Meatloaf Dinner

I have been making this meatloaf dinner for my family for more then thirty years they seem to always want more. Every time I make a meatloaf dinner the family all gathers for dinner to eat and talk about every thing from sports to world events. I hope people will enjoy this dinner with their family. I enjoy cooking for people I just do not get the chance to cook that much for any one right now. I hope this meal will bring your families back time after time like my family has.

First you need about three pounds of ground beef to make a good size meat loaf. This will feed about five to six people for dinner. Put the ground beef in a glass bowl so it can be mixed up. First take to grade a large eggs break them and mix up with the ground beef thoroughly. Then shake in about a third of a can or jar of seasoned bread crumbs this will give the meat loaf more flavor. Take one medium can of stewed tomatoes mix then up with all other ingredients. make sure the the tomatoes are mixed completely up in the meat loaf not on top.

Preheat the oven to three hundred twenty five degrees put the meat loaf in a glass baking pan let the meatloaf cook for about one hour and twenty five minutes. Make sure while the meat loaf is cooking to drain all grease from the baking pan every fifteen minutes to keep the flavor in the meat loaf. Cook the meatloaf until light brown on top.

I usually make mashed potatoes from fresh peeled potatoes to go with the meatloaf. Make a fresh salad with lettuce tomatoes and cucumbers then just add a dressing to the salad and dinner is all set and ready to serve. Cut the meat loaf in thin slices and serve with mash potatoes and salad.

If you want add a heated dinner roll to the dinner I hope people enjoy this family meal and spend many hours talking together . Please Enjoy this dinner as a family as I do with my family.

Source by Michael Carvell

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