Easy Personal Pizzas With English Muffins!

Easy Personal Pizzas

Easy Personal Pizzas

Remember when you were in Home Economics class in school and you made English Muffin Pizza, well this tasty Easy Personal Pizzas recipe is similar but oh so much better!! I made something similar with  with my kids a few times using the jarred sauce until I found this amazing recipe.

What I love about making personal pizzas is that everyone can put the topping on their own pizza that they want to. However I make sure the basics, like the sauce and cheese are amazing. This personal pizza recipe has the most amazing homemade pizza sauce ever! My kids always fight over who gets to lick the pizza sauce spoon when we are done! Sorry kids! That spoon is for Mom! 😉

Easy Personal Pizzas are also a budget friendly and quick dinner, that works well on those busy nights when you don’t know what to make for dinner!

English Muffin Pizza with Homemade Pizza Sauce