Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington Recipe

Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington Recipe

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If you are not looking forward to Thanksgiving, I have a feeling I know why. It’s the mess afterwards. All of the different dishes, and then the silverware and plates, all of the glasses, there is just way too much work. Then there is cleaning the turkey, which can be a pain. Well this article gives us a recipe that can help.This is an ideal solution for couples, small families or even dinner parties. It’s the turkey breast baked into a delicious puff pastry crust. It’s a stunningly gorgeous presentation when you bring it to the table to slice it up. Every thing is in with the pastry, the stuffing, turkey and even the biscuits technically. All that is needed is the gravy and you are set. Here is the recipe for an organized turkey dinner.

Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington

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