An Elegant 50th Birthday Dinner to Keep Your Guests Satisfied

An elegant 50th birthday dinner is a must. Of all the decade markers the fifth should be the best. The guest of honor is still young enough to appreciate the finer things. More importantly, it is a time when the potential host or hostess is an experienced cook or has worked long enough to afford one. Of course if the party is to be a very large one there should be a fine restaurant used for catering.

When possible though pull out all the stops and show off! Have a talent with roast? Use that recipe. Better at preparing lobster? Here’s the chance to let that one out of the bag. Better yet prepare something that is in season and seems like the sort of thing that would be appreciated. Why not serve something like duck, pheasant or Cornish hen when available locally.

Cornish hens are an affordable yet very elegant entrée. They are often found at some of the budget groceries. Cornish hen stuffed with wild rice and mushroom stuffing brushed with butter and seasoned to taste is baked for one hour at 350 degrees in a greased baking dish. Serve with local fresh vegetables–say asparagus for instance. Hollandaise can be purchased, made from scratch or mixed from a grocery store brand packet. Some may have access to wild asparagus which is nice when available. Remember the salad (maybe Caesars) soup (tortilla?) and maybe steamed carrots or summer squash.

All of these should be served on the best table settings possible! But when coffee and cake are served use paper table cloth, paper party plates and plastic ware after the good dishes are cleared. While the good stuff is washing in the automatic dishwasher or soaking in the sink the fun themed disposable stuff makes its festive appearance. Have a good time!

Source by Gail Leino

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