A Quick Dinner Recipe For Every Night of the Week!


When trying to find a quick dinner recipe for the upcoming week it can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. One way that you can help that is by being organized and thorough with your planning and grocery shopping. Traveling to the grocery store every night is not only a pain in the neck but it is also very expensive and in a time of recession, we all need to watch our pennies and pinch them wherever we can. At the start of every week, plan out a menu for every day of the week. Add dishes that do not require a huge amount of preparation and cook time to make sure that you are eating at a reasonable hour.

If you have a family, make your meal night’s fun! There is nothing wrong with having a Spaghetti Sunday dinner or Meatball Monday or a Taco Tuesday evening. Traditions like these are what memories are made of and do not be surprised if your kids carry on this traditions when they have children one day themselves. Planning those special meals means that you can make a larger batch and freeze half of it so you only have to defrost it for the meal the following week. Theme nights are fun for the kids and easy to prepare for you. If you want to prepare meals that are on the healthy side, these types of dishes do not take very long to make, leaving you spending less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing while you are at home. Grilling or broiler a beautiful fillet of fresh salmon flavored with some fresh lemon zest and dill is a refreshing and healthy meal that literally takes minutes to prepare. You can eat the salmon plain, or toss it with some lettuce for a delicious Salmon Caesar salad or toss it with some bow tie pasta and some pine nuts for a tasty pasta dish. Don’t forget the fresh Parmesan on top!

Finding a quick dinner recipe is not a difficult task. Keeping a running tally of the dishes that did not take you long to prepare and that your family enjoyed will help you to plan your meals for the next week. If you find that you have a little extra time one evening, go the extra mile and prepare something a little more labor intensive if you feel up for it but don’t feel guilty for preparing these quick and delicious recipes for your family. They are tasty and delectable and a cinch to make after a busy work day.

Source by Matt Murren

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