A Dinner Party Made Easy With Help From Costco


Recently we had the pleasure of attending a dinner party that was pretty much catered by, of all places, Costco. No, they didn’t send a server, they didn’t arrive hours earlier and transform the house, didn’t clean up the dishes. But they did provide delicious food and make life much easier for the hostess.

We had a scrumptious, already prepared and cooked chicken, boiled small red potatoes, steamed broccoli, a spring mix salad, and fresh fruit for dessert. A little wine (yes, Costco again) and the meal was complete.

As the guests sat around devouring the good food, compliments were plentiful. And it turned out that all of the food had been purchased at Costco. The hostess was as relaxed as I’ve seen anybody be at a party. And why shouldn’t she have been? She saved herself lots of work and the finished product was as delicious as any cookbook would have guaranteed.

To make your party even more special, make a flower centerpiece from Costco’s flower center. You could even buy your dishes, silverware and glasses there. You, in essence, could have nothing in the morning and a full dinner party by that evening if you wanted.

Now, that might be going a little far. Most people have the basic table necessities before they invite others over to share food, but it’s that pesky meal that seems to throw people. So next time you want to invite others over for a good time, don’t let the menu stop you.

You can go to Costco or your local grocery store and buy, already made, delicious food so all you have to do is sit back and watch everyone have fun.

Source by Carol Loewenstein

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